Seneca Hardwood

As Seen from the air in Fall

Our Capabilities

We Harvest It

Situated amidst the finest hardwood forest in North America where growing conditions are perfect for dense, strong grain structure

  • We responsibly harvest our own timber.
  • Select the perfect logs to meet a customers specification.
  • Drying the lumber to exacting standards.
  • Preparing the raw material for our precision milling.

We Mill It

Due to our Precision Molders and expert craftsman, the quality of our tongue and groove flooring is second to none.

  • Smallest amount of overwood in the industry.
  • Easily removed molder marks.
  • Floating endmatch.
  • Unlimited width capabilities.

We Finish it

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Custom Hardwood Flooring With Unmatched Milling Quality.


Unmatched Quality, Shortest lead times, affordable price, finest raw material,…

Yes. We have been shipping flooring worldwide since the early 1980s and manufacturing flooring and millwork since 1961

Yes, simply call our Toll free number or email us at any time.